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Icey Tek

Icey Tek Cushion - 70L - Split Large Side

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Add an extra 50mm of insulation to the top of your cooler. The top of the cooler is where most of the heat is absorbed from the sun. Adding these cushions supercharges you cooler and makes for a comfortable seat.

Please see the table below for which cushions will fit you cooler.. They have 50mm thick foam, with a vinyl cover. They come with adhesive backed velcro, which you attach to the cooler lid. You can then remove the cushion with the velcro if needed.

The 55 Cushion will fit on each half of the 160 Long Box as the 160 has a split lid. So you would buy 2 x 55 Cushions for 1 x 160 Ice Box.

The 82 Cushion will fit on each half of the 260 Long Box as the 260 has a split lid. So you would buy 2 x 82 Cushions for 1 x 260 Ice Box.

Long Boxes Cushions      
Cushion to fit Length (mm) Width (mm) Thickness (mm) Also fits
56 L 740 400 55  
70 L 785 390 55 90L Single Lid
70 Split Small 320 390 55 For small side of the 70 split lid. Also fits 22 Oneskin.
70 Split Lge 420 390 55 Use for 90L Split Lid
90 L       Use 70 L Cushion
115 Split Lid Half 500 390 55 2 cushions fit the 105
160 L   1250 475 55 Use 2x 55 L Cushion for 160 Split
260 L split lid   1250 475 55 Use 2x 82 L Cushion for 260 Split
Cube Boxes Cushion      
Cushion Length(mm) Width(mm) Height (mm) Also fits
25L 455 380 55  
40L 560 400 55  
55L 590 410 55 Use 2x 55 L Cushion for 160 Split or the 185 Cooler
72L 690 425 55  
82L 690 455 55 Use 2x 82 L Cushion for 260 Split
105L 800 475 55 Use 2 x 115 Split Lid Half to cover 105
135L 850 540 55  


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